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My Journey as an artist started when I was in second grade and continued through high school. But in middle school, I had wanted to stop drawing in favor of taking woodworking classes.
The problem, however, was that I moved around several times and changed schools. The last high school I went to did not have industrial arts; I had no choice but to take art.
Through study and practice, I regained an interest in it. After high school, I lost touch with my art – a causality of living a busy life. But in 2003 through 2005, I got back into it. In April 2004, I also started writing poetry, further expanding my artistic horizons.
My biggest stumbling block was fear of what people would think. But I felt good working in my art, its spirit compelled me to keep going. Even through the years my art was dormant, the tug was always there. So, suddenly, I started showing my work, and got a lot of encouragement from people in my life.
In 2010, I started drawing again. God has, I believe, shown me then – as He continued to show me – that my drawing and poetry can be used as one.
My number one passion in life is serving and living for God. He has graciously given me the opportunity to share my story with my church families, and into the community though speaking at Harper College in a program for adults with development challenges.
I spoke there to encourage the program’s participants to pursue their dreams and not let their disabilities stop them.
I want to thank you for taking the time to check out the site. Also, feel free to leave comments about the Poetry and Drawings you see.


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