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Author’s Note

I wrote these poems from a place of deep pain and sadness. They reflect some of my experiences, and the experiences of victims of abuse. I wrote them to empower them and give them a voice, one that their abusers have taken away. It is my hope that these poems will open hearts and minds to impact of abusive actions.
Be warned, however; It is painful to walk through a difficult past (your own or someone else’s) alone. As you read these poems be aware of your emotions, and the memories that may emerge. Thus, it is better to only read one poem at a time.
Please be aware that you will want to read these poems out loud in order to get the most from them.
Proverbs 31:8 (New Living Translation)
Speak up for those who caannot speak for themselves; Ensure justice for those being crushed

V.I.C.T.I.M.S  Jesus is a solid rock
 A pencils life
Look into their eyes  Little Angel
 Darkness to light
Do you realize  Living Water
 There, There
Destroyed  Am i here
Is it safe  Cat I love
Saying sorry  Thank you
 Born to write
No mom  Guest Connection
 By my side
All over again  Tooth be gone
A mind  Sciatic  Giving hope
Go  Writers  In do time
Loner  Love is
Secrets  The light
 This Pencil
Just Wait  Stand Still
 Winter Blows
Come on  Be an example
Fear  Look here
Why I?  Love / My life
Telling a lie  Angel Kisses
Afraid  No turning back
Deception  Ants
Pain  Book cover
The beginning of life  Brain / Train
Invisible-out of sight  Insightful-part 1
Unwanted  Insigthful-part 2
Chicago  Lord
Forgotten  Love
Where are we?  Man up
A child's eyes  Marriage euqals love
A father's love  New life
Couples as one  Peaceful
Faith Quote  Rhythm
Father God  The cross
For your glory  April
Consuming Fire  Hugs and kisses
God is With you  Bugs the rabbit
God loves the broken  Wrecking ball
Christ dwells in our hearts  Fallen
Hope  Tears
Hugs  Words


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