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For Your Glory

Written By: Michael J. LeMay

March 19, 2014

 Glory, Glory what powerful words

Just hearing it and saying it

Has so much power behind those words

I love repeating them over and over

So much joy and happiness it bring me

 When I say For Your Glory God

And not mine, I really mean it

I am giving up every sinful

Thoughts and action to You God

 The flood gates to mine heart

Are chained shout, God

I am on mine knees, I am bawlin with tears

For Your righteousness and for Your salvation

 Glory, Glory Hallelujah

The sound of those words

Vibrating, flowing through mine veins

Straight to mine heart in a rapid tidal wave

 To break the chains that are wrap around mine heart

The chains to mine heart are now broken

The gates are now wide open to You God

You are now on your way

Continue falling to Gods Glory and not yours

 Glory- A state of absolute happiness

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