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New life

One step forward 
Is a choice towards change
One step back is a choice
You decide to stay where you are

Free will to live for God or not
It's your choose to do so
No one can twist your arm
And make you do it
A new day comes and it goes

Thankfulness is an opportunity
To know and to live a day with God

Wanting God is strength 
knowing Him is the will of giving up your sinful ways
God is very close, He never left

We think, we are hiding our sinful ways from God
I got news for you, Gods eyes are everywhere you can't hide 
I know it's hard I have been there, new life they say, old ways are gone

I look at it this way
Some of us are going around with a half broken

And half healed heart

Living a new life takes hard work
It's not easy, it's takes lots of strength

and will to walk the walk and talk the talk

New life we live it or we don't 
Life is full of surprises 
The past will always be in our minds 
When you enter into a new life

Daily prayer helps
God holds the key to our hearts

He's the only one could unlock the fulfillment of our new life

Surrender all, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the thousandth

Written By: Michael LeMay

Dec 12, 2013

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