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Look here, look were

Look here, up there

Not there, look up

Were I am pointing at

To the sky


Look how amazing

The colors are in the shy

I am thinking to myself

How awesome God is

How wonderful God is

How He can take His hands

Create a sky full of beautiful colors

It's so amazing how 

God can take his time 

making something so

beautiful as the sky

putting all sorts of 

different colors in the sky 

so the world can see it 

anytime you want


Look there, over there, where, there

I am pointing towards the trees 


my reason is to show people 

how awesome God is 


he can create colors 

on the leafs

on the trees

It's so amazing how 

God loves us so much

To take his sweet time 

to take his hands 

to reach down from the heavens 

to create colors everywhere

You can be walking in the park 

or riding your bike 

or laying down on the grass 

you can look up 

and around and everywhere 

God's hands are there

Turning leafs and the shy 

into many wonderful colors 

of the world 

why? So you can say 


who did that

Written by: Michael Jason LeMay 
On: January 7, 2015

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