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Loyally, Trustworthy
Over and above compassion
Vibrant feeling alive
Electrifying to feel the power running through my heart and exploding my mind

I Love my God
I Love my wife
I Love my family
I Love my life
Love, love, love
I hear it all the time, I see it
I long for it 
I want to know it

I can go on and on about 
loving everything in my sight 
but what is love?
Love is power
love is strong 
love is trust 
love is indescribable 
love is complicated 
love is lost and misused
saying I love you is power 
but confusing also
If you don't know love

You can say the word love 
but if you don't use action behind it 
It's useless 
it's just be another word 
coming out your mouth 
but if you put action behind it 
and  how you use it 
love can to be powerful
It could change your life I heard

In my life 
love was not used very often 
I don't remember one time  
growing up seeing my family 
Loving each other

But I do seeing people 
hugging each other 
people saying I love you 
people kissing 
That's where I learned to love 
by watching others 
Is that the love 
I am looking for?

I know there's a God love
I learned that by reading the Bible 
the Bible says 
love your God 
with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your mind 
He also says many other things about love
I know human love and God’s love are two different loves

I also know there's other kind of love 
you love your things 
you love your pets and many more
I also know that love could be confusing, complicated 
I also know my life growing up I didn't understand it

I guess that's where 
you supposed to learn 
about love by the 
family who raised you
But I guess I didn't get that
also many other didn't get that either

I guess what I am getting there's many different kinds of love out there. So, be aware and careful about where you pick up love.

If you don't know love it can be deceitful
It could break your heart or heal your heart.  
I guess it depends on where you found it or how you learned it.

Written by: Michael Jason LeMay
On: July 18, 2014

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