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I remember being in second grade, seated with a teacher at a table. She was showing me a map of the United States of America. All the time I sat there, I didn't know I had a learning disability. She sat next to me, showing how to draw it. She was a leader to me with her patience and compassion.

In third grade, I still didn't know about my learning disability. But the teacher had recognize so she decided to get me some help. She was a leader because she took the initiative to find the support I needed. All the teachers I had from then on were willing to help me and other children like me. I believe that these teachers were wonderful examples of leadership.

 When I got sixth grade I overheard my dad saying to the school principle that he wanted me in my older brother, Richard in regular classes, not in special education classes. The teacher, however, saw that I was having trouble with reading and math so, he arranged to put me in the special education classes despite my dad's wishes. I believe that sixth grade teacher was a leader because he was willing to ignore what people thought in order to do what was right.

 Teaching us
Showing us the way
Minds turning
Hearts pounding
Eyes and ears open wide

 On the of our seats
Very eager, wanting more
Learning, taking in, holding on
To what is being taught to us

 Remember every moment
Thinking, what it is like
To be standing 
at the front of the room 
Looking over us?

 Teaching us knowledge
Teaching us responsibilities
Teaching us it is ok to trust
Teaching us the way to move forward

And that is leadership. I give thanks to and for all my teachers who showed me the way, and encourage me and my classmates.

 Written By: Michael Jason LeMay
On: January 28, 2012

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