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 Criticizing, Judging
Overlooking, over thinking
Viewing through jaded eyes
Evaluating the situation
Race, skin

 Society, judging the book cover
before knowing the book
living in self 
growing up in way different
being taught by the ones 
who raised us
generations after generations 
living in lies and truth

 Faces after faces 
passing on by 
brain overloading 
judge mental kicking in 
Was I taught this way?
To see only through jaded eyes 
to criticize, to judge, 
not to love, not to care 
is it all about me or us?
Or the ones who raised us?

 Eyes, eyes....
I see all sorts of different
book covers all over the place 
walk ‘in in public 
going to schools 
mov’in into big cities

 A world lived by generation’s curses
Only seeing the world one way
But some of us has broken
that generation curse 
And they are living 
and now viewing through 
lovable caring eyes

 So, get to know the book cover 
by asking questions 
dive, deep in 
welcome all book covers in
no matter their background 
or skin color 
or were there at in their lives

 Arms wide open
Eyes wide open
Mouth wide open
Saying, Welcome
To my generation

 Written by: Michael Jason LeMay
On: April 5, 2014 / April 8, 2014

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