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Nail down in one head

All aboard

The last brain train

Is leaving the station

Wheels turning

round and round

hand saying

get those electro running

Sparks flying burn, burn

here goes the brain train

staring at the world

people moving, earth turning


brain train thinking and thinking

lights flashing, alarms going off

We’re traveling

through the nervous system

Right now, hold on

Wait up!

why is that brain slowing down?

what's going on here?

I hear the wheels slowing down squeaking, grinding, and sparks flying

What Writers block in the way?

Oh no

Hard saying what's with that brain

time to bring out the wrecking ball

Knock down that writers block

move it, get those wheels turning

we got to work together

to make this happen

Hold up

you're right

now I could think

what to write

staring and staring in to space

hand shaking in the air

Waving to the brain

saying I am ready to write

stop hesitating brain

start sending down those words

One by one

come on

We got to ride this same track

If we're going to make this happen

End of the line

Written By: Michael Jason LeMay

On: March 24, 2014

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