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Look Into Their Eyes

Look into the eyes of... Victims we have destroyed.  

Experience their hurt and their pain we have caused.

Their eyes are the widows into the past, present and future.

Look into their eyes... See deep into their souls.

Experience the suffering, the crying, the

embarrassment, the shame their bodies are going

through each and every day.

Look into their eyes... Their eyes are the gateway

into the secrets and beliefs, which we have given

them and they have to live with it each and every day.

Look into their eyes... See, Live, Understand of what

we have caused. Victims here and there and around

the world need to be heard and to be believed...

Stop!     Tormenting them, Stop! Putting them

through the hurt and the pain each and every day.

Wake Up! Look into their eyes... See the impact

which we have made--- the scars which we have left


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