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Do You Realize?


Do you realize?

I am hurting to the point

I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep

I can’t sit down, I can’t stand up

I can’t go on living with you in my life

Do you realize?

The trauma you have caused in me

I have to live with

The memory you have created for me

I have to live with day in, day out

Do you realize?

The confusion you have put

Into my little mind

Now it’s bouncing around in my head

Side to side, Saying to myself, Stop!

What is wrong with me?

It hurts, To know I am hurt

Do you realize?

The pain and suffering I have to endure

Every day I have to get up to start my day

Open your eyes and see

My heart is pounding with fear and hurt

Do you realize?

Now, I don’t want you

In my world anymore

Back off!, let me be

I want to grow up to know

I can breathe anytime I want

I can sleep anytime I want

I can sit down anytime I want

I can stand up anytime I want

Without you standing over me

Stay far away from me!

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