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Is it safe?

 Is it safe, for me to up out of bed?

To start another day

To walk down the steps into a world

Full of fears

Is it safe, for me to take a breath of

Air out side

Is it safe, for me to open my eyes?

So, I can see what is going on in this

World we live in

Is it safe, for me chill out side?

To be alive, to be a dove in the sky

To fly free as I can be

Is it safe, for me to roam around?

Like an alley cat on the street

To go anywhere I like to

No, it is not safe to fly or to roam

Because there are too many strangers lurking

Around everywhere you go

Everything you do

                Is it safe, for me to play in the yard?

On my swing set

It is safe, for me to play on the sidewalks?

With my friends

Is it safe, for me and my friends to play?

On the grass, in the yard or in the front of the house

Were you can see us as clear as day

Why do you keep on asking me?

Is it safe, and I said No, it is not safe at all

To be by yourself, because there are too many

Strangers lurking around the corners

                   Looking and watching for little ones

So, I can’t stress it enough

So always ask me

To come out side to be by your side

And I’ll be there for you; I’ll be your protector

But, there is a fence around the house

Is that fence there to keep us safe and

To protect us from strangers

           Yes and No, nothing can keep strangers out

They can look and jump or hang on the fence

To get what they want and to see any thing they want

So, always be aware and pay attention

And if I am not there and something happen

I want you and your friends to scream to the top of your lungs

Because your life’s can be in danger

My point is, it is not safe to play alone

In this great big world

So, always ask me and I’ll be by your side

No matter what the situation may be

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