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Saying Sorry

 Saying sorry, is only a word

Is it just a word?

You have literally

Torn down

My self-esteem

And you want to

Say sorry to me

You can’t just say you’re sorry at all

What gives you the right to?

In the first place you do not have any right

To stand in my presence at all

If sorry is the only thing you say

Saying sorry—is it easy?

Because when you touch someone in a wrong way

Sorry is the first thought that comes to mind—

Or is it?

My point is: do you really mean

To say you’re sorry, or are you

Just saying it

Because you think that’s the answer to everything?

NO! It is an automatic response,

I know, to say you’re sorry.

It is a powerful word—

Use it correctly or just don’t say it. If you don’t really mean you’re sorry

Don’t bother saying it—

Why should you?

You have crushed my trust

I can’t get close to anyone

Because of you

My heart is confused by the way you were touching me

I didn’t understand what you were doing

And now you want to say you’re sorry

To my face

I am not ready for your pitiful sorry

Going around just saying that word

Doesn’t cut it at all

You have to stop saying sorry with your mouth

You need to start showing it by your actions

Your sorry needs to come straight from your heart

Because your actions speak louder than words alone.

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