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 A mind, it worries about

What goes on inside itself

A mind, can it slow down from thinking so much?

A mind, can it think

As fast as it wants to?

A mind, can it do what it wants to

For itself?

A mind, it is in a place of silence

Where no one else is allowed to go

It can only run and in circles

Looking for escape from a situation

A mind, it’s tired of thinking things like

Why do I have to think

Why am I being controlled by the one that is in control?

A mind, it can make a list of things to think about,

Like I want to stop thinking—

I don’t understand why I have to think in the first place

A mind, it can think sometimes, forever at a time,

Like it never wants to shut up or shut down.

A mind, can it think too much,

Like it has a mind of its own

Its own pair of eyes to see what is going on around

the prison walls

It is trapped in

It sees no door or windows in sight

It’s captured, surrounded in the middle of nowhere


Where do I go?

What do I do?

What do I say?

A mind, it’s becoming insane

Yelling and screaming in silence

It doesn’t want anyone to hear

A mind, can it stop thinking

While it is sleeping or resting or laying down?

A mind questions its ability:

Am I insane? Can I be quiet?

For once in my lifetime, be still?

A mind, it wants to be happy, and to enjoy being in control

But it can’t

A mind, it thinks whatever you think

Because it is your own.

Remember, it is all about choices.

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