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Hurt, Closed off

Yet comfortable

All I can see is who can I trust

Can I trust you?

Are you going to help me?

Or hurt my feelings like everyone else?

Everyone else I thought I could trust, rely on

They said so, as far as I could remember

I grew close to them, those who said you could trust me

Time went by; I grew, opening my heart and mind

To those I thought I could trust

But who I welcomed in my life

Deception, I opened the door for him and he

Walked right in—I let deception take over

So, my heart breaks and my mind turned to deception

And I remained there, my mind can’t stop racing with thoughts:

Why trust? Why reach out to another? What can I do?

Life is full of ups and downs and disappointments

Deception is what you make it out to be

Live it or disown it

I know deception is hard to shake off

The message is this:

Don’t let deception run your life

Because it can lead you into a never—ending river of a life alone

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