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A lonely soul on the streets,

Walking underneath trains

Standing in the shadows

On the corners of the big city

Wondering in my mind

Where is my next meal coming from?

It could be minutes from now

Or hours or days or weeks until

I see food in front of my face

I stand tall day by day

On the side walk, sitting, standing begging

For anything, it could be food, money or work

Got my hands hanging out

Ratting a cup fill of chances, but all I see

Is people walking past me

Their faces and eyes looking straight

Like I’m invisible, invisible

Like I’m not here at all

Like I’m out of sight

Why are people looking past me?

The street is all I know, I open my eyes to a world

I know and that is the streets of the big city, I live in

A world full of streets,

Full of people who treat me like I am invisible

When the sun comes up, to the sun going down

This is my life

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