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The Beginning of Life

Everlasting in some cases

Born into a family
Having no idea
How my life is going to turn out
It's hard to tell right now
Being a new member
Of this family
I was born in
So here is my first day

Just came out
Screaming and whining
Then I was put into my mother's arms
Now I feel safe
hearing the sound
my mother's heart beating
Putting my tiny thumb into my mouth sucking away has put me to sleep

Then all of a sudden
the relatives popped in
From my mother's arms
To their arms
one by one
getting handed over
to one arm to another
Here I go again
I'm feeling like a rag doll
being passed around
to one arm to another
my little mind thinking
I am not a doll let me sleep

My tiny ears
are open wide
hearing Aw, how cute,
how precious is he
Can I hold him
Is this going to ever end

Then I hear a voice from a distant
i recognize this voice from my mother's womb
talking to me singing to me
It must be my dad I headed him say
let me hold my angel

my eyes are now wide open
I could see him now
he lean me against his chest
I could hear his heart beating
Laying in his arms
Now I feel safe again
I feel him rocky me to sleep
Here I go again going back to sleep
And this is my first day in this new world
Until next time

Written: Michael Jason LeMay
On: July 18, 2014

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